Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:









230V 50Hz

100 Watt

4x EL34JJ

5x12AX7JJ, 1x12AT7JJ

Solid State

3 Independent circuitry for maximum tone without compromise

Clean channel featuring gain, EQ and volume controls, and bright switch

Dual Drive channel featuring 2 independent gain controls and bright switches, shared EQ, independent volume controls and independent low/high gain switches for each channel.

Dual Master Volumes (rhythm-solo).

Deep, Feedback and Presence controls for adjusting overall response, 2x 4-8-16 Ohm, 2 stereo jacks for external switchable features control, also with rear onboard switches for direct selection without footswitch or switching system connected to the amp.

Footswitchable features: Clean/Drive channel, Drive Channel 1/2, Master Volume 1/2 and FX Loop On/Bypass.

Serial FX Loop designed for maximum transparency, with selectable +4dBu/-10dBV level (orig. Metropoulos Rev 4)

Cream 1.505,- (Net) / 1.790,- Euros (19%) in stock! 



incl. padded Slip Cover

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

The BIGTONE Chameleon is our flagship amplifier, featuring 3 distinct channels that create sounds from crispy American cleans up to angry British overdriven tones. All packaged with a simple and powerful front panel interface that lets you fine tune your sound. Our custom power amp controls let you tame the response of the amp depending on your needs.

The Clean channel yields the best West Coast American sounds. Remaining clean with high output pickups, allowing a dynamic and crispy sound with the gain low and the volume up. Alternatively, increase the gain for gentle compression and a warmer tone, adjusting the volume to your needs. The bright switch adds a touch of sparkle when needed, and the powerful EQ was designed to allow enough scope to shape your clean sound to perfection.

The dual Drive channel features fully independent circuitry for the first gain stages, avoiding compromises in the sound of each channel. Each channel has it’s own independent Volume control with shared EQ for maximum simplicity on the front panel interface.

Drive 1 channel begins with slightly overdriven sounds - switch in Low Gain position, and Gain 1 low. Turn up Gain 1 and engage High Gain for classic fat, yet tight, overdriven sounds.

Drive 2 channel moves to tight, focused rhythm sounds and fluid gain for soloing.

The Power Amp is based on a classic British 100 watt EL34 power amp, with some tweaks to allow adjustment on the fly from classic to modern sounds. Thanks to Deep, Feedback and Presence controls the response can range from soft to hard, from focused to wider spectrum.

The name says it all, a truly chameleonlike amp without loosing it's roots: pure tone and simplicity of use!

Our amps all feature heavy-duty PCBs (2.4mm thick, double sided 70um copper) and oversized high quality components to ensure a problem-free life, along with Mercury Magnetics mains and output transformers and choke, and selected tubes for maximum tone from the first day of use. There is no need to hunt for improvement tweaks after purchase - extensive R&D in the lab and on stage means we can confidently say we have already done that for you.