All Gladius cabinets are built like acoustic guitars and sounds like an instrument!

The idea behind the Squared Box was to build the smallest and lightest 2x12" box that will really meet all sound requirements. With a slanted baffle board you can  play from close up. It sounds very tight in bass but has enough bass resonance to sound fat even at low volumes. The resonance volume was specially built for a tight and balanced sound thru all frequencies. Due to the dimensions of the speaker hole, the highs are reproduced crystal clear. And the most important thing in the development was that this box sounds tight and big with every amp.

This 100% handcrafted cab is made by a carpenter and are recognized as a mile stone hardwood maple cabinets.






Baltic Birch ply w/Black Levant Tolex:

Dyed Maple Hardwood w/nitro black lacquer

2x12“ Squared Open Back Slanted


WGS ET95 + WGS 12L 20kg 4 Ohm add 320- (Net) / 380,- Euros (19%)

Fane F25 & Fane F30 16,5kg 16 Ohm add 253,- (Net) / 310,- Euros (19%)

Fane F25 & Fane A30 15,9kg 16 Ohm add 362,- (Net) / 450,- Euros (19%)

Unloaded 9,9kg 916,- (Net) / 1.090,- Euros (19%) in stock!

Unloaded 9,8kg 1.000,- (Net) / 1.190,- Euros (19%) in stock!


Maple Hardwood

D-Style Back

British Back

British/Alnico Back

Advantages Tolex:

Impact-resistant surface

slightly warmer tone

Advantages Maple Hardwood:

Much more brilliant crystal clear tone

much faster response

Very suitable for lower volumes