Wonderland OD V2

The Wonderland with an Overdrive Special Distortion Channel!

As the name suggests - an overdrive amp, but with an incredibly clean clean tone! It can take half an hour before the amp is adjusted to its needs. Because Drive & Level from the lead channel is dependent on Gain & Master of the Clean Channel. What starts out in the beginning is rather confusing, but in the end makes an incredible number of sound variations possible and also offers the perfect match between gain and volume depending on the two channels. Very professional. The lead sound is typically Overdrive Special and has a unique singing lead sound and with an extremely long sustain. As already known by Dumble, this legendary sound comes unfortunately only from a certain volume. You can play the amps wonderfully quietly, but the full sound develops it only from Drive Level 12 clock. However, the extremely strongly engaging sound control in connection with the toggle switches can compensate for the Til very well at low volume. About the clean sound you have to say nothing - just a very big fat clean sound, with all "sparkle" -heights we know from the legendary Dumble-Amps. If the Treble & Gain-Control is fully excited, we are also here in a top-class crunch, which is extremely defined rocks. An amp that is just incomparable with humbucker guitars.

A 2x12 "Dumble-Style or even Marshall Style Cabinets are ideally suited for this amp

With the ongoing success of selling the Wonderland amplifier, we wanted to incorporate the great clean channel into a channel switching amp that had overdrive on board. Using our Prime Minister as the framework for the amplifier, we took the Wonderland to the next level, the Wonderland Overdrive.

The Wonderland Overdrive has the exact same clean channel voicing as the Wonderland, but with a big, thick overdrive layer added for an aggressive second channel. The overdrive is chunky, mid heavy, and really gives up the goods when pushed. The amp is really a swiss army knife of sounds, with it’s three EQ boosts (bright, mid, and deep), two-tube reverb with send and return levels, global “loop level” master volume, preamp boost on both channels and a footswitch to toggle the channels and boost. This amp is truly a masterpiece. It is available in all the same layouts as our Prime Minister, but it is a voice all it’s own.



Preamp Tubes:





Effect Loop:





Head 50 Watt:

Head 100Watt:

230V 50Hz

50 Watt 2x6L6JJ or 100 Watt 4x6L6JJ


2xGZ34 50Watt only

2 (Clean & Overdrive)

Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain, Master, Drive, Drive Level, Reverb, Contour, Bright- Mid- & Deep Switches, PreAmp Boost & Overdive Switch.

Send & Return, 4, 8, 16 Speaker Out, Half Power Switch, BIAS points, Loop Master Volume, Reverb Send & Return, Footswitch


2-spring tube




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