Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:


Input Hi:

Input Lo:





Class B 115/230V

30 Watt

2x KT88 Mullard

V1 CV4004 Mullard 2xECC83 Mullard

GZ34 Mullard

Treble (w/Channel-Patch Normal)

Normal (w/split of Hi-Treble Ch. for use with A/B Switcher)

Volume Treble, Volume Normal, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Variac, Master Volume

8/16 Ohm Switch, 2 Outputs

orig. Black Levant



3.290,- Euros in stock!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

The new MK IV version opens up an unprecedented power reduction with a modified „Trainwreck“ Post Phase Inverter Master Volume WITHOUT any tone loss on the back and a real Varic on the front. All tubes are now from the expensive manufacturer Mullard, which make an incredible sound difference. The most significant change is the tone harmonization in single notes (also known as Plexi Ghost Notes). These 4 elementary innovations make the biggest difference in the history of Gladius Amps.

The JTM 65 strongly reminds of the JTM 45 from 1965 one of the best sounding amps ever!

This amp is known to be a slightly changed copy of the Fender Bassman from 1957. It definitely finds its strengths in its Clean and Crunchy sounds! It has a classic ECC83 preamp and as standard with all Gladius amps is the unique Variac power reduction! Only the world's best output- and power transformers (aged) are integrated, next to being hand-wired, equipped with state of the art tubes! An indispensable extra feature is the Channel-Patch that combines both channels (Hi Treble & Normal) without having to use a conventional patch cable. Its KT66 power tubes create a powerful tone, which covers everything from Blues up to Blues-Rock and is geared to the early sounds of Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton.

The most transparent and organic JTM 45 ever.