2x12“ Closed Back

120 Watt


Baltic Birch ply w/finger joint corners

Celestion 1xG12M 65W (top) & 1x12“ G12H 75W

incl. w/48h fast burn in

orig. Black Levant w/basket weave grill


66Bx71Hx36T(bottom)x27cm (top)

1.490,- Euros on order!

custom order!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty


All Gladius cabinets are built like acoustic guitars and sounds like an instrument! All speakers got a very  special Gladius aging and sounds dramatically different to the new ones!

The idea behind was to build a closed 2x12’’ box that sounds like the an old Marshall 4x12’’ at the same time of a clearly more manageable and smaller size considerably lighter as compared to competitive products that keeps the original tone even at a extremely low sound levels. With a 160° directional characteristic, allowing to - even on the smallest stages - generate audible sound bringing the right highs without sounding aggressively

It took years of research to create the above mentioned sound; features from the HiFi industry were taken over such as e.g. front Bass-Reflex openings as a replacement for the 3rd and 4th loudspeaker. A closer look at the rear side of the box shows the use of the Thiele Bass-Reflex system. In order to generate early resonance, the box panels were extremely tightly finger joined and stiffened, which is absolutely mandatory in order to create the right tone especially at low sound levels.

Mono-stereo option:

You can operate the speakers separately – stereo! If connected in the center, both speakers perform together (mono) when the right input is used, both speakers perform separately!

If your amp has a 2 x 16 ohms output, use both inputs of the box. This brings more dynamics as compared to mono performance.

Using either the M- or H-speaker (both 8 ohms) only, you can determine to apply the specific character of one of the different kinds of speakers only.

You can use two different amps using one box only.

The classical mono setting creates from both different kinds of speakers a perfect symbiosis – the best from both united in one sound.

This 100% handcrafted box fulfills virtually ALL requirements from Blues to Hard Rock!! Already now the LCC212AW is recognized as a mile stone in the development of closed 2 x 12 cabinets and is considered a benchmark for all Close-Back cabinets!