Low Output PAF Pickups:

Pre-T-301 MXV (Pre-T-Top): Neck 7,5K/Short A5 - Bridge 7,6K/Long A5

Think of the best mid to late 60's ES-335 and SG tones

The ThroBak Pre-T-301 reproduces the toneful vintage transition humbucker, the Pre-T-Top. Known as Pre-T pickups these exclusive pickups appeared for a short period in the mid to late 60's and bridge the gap between P.A.F.'s and T-Top. Just like the vintage Pre-T, the ThroBak Pre-T-301 set has the same butyrate bobbins, baseplates and metal parts as late P.A.F. spec. pat# pickups. The ThroBak Pre-T-301 is also wound with same red poly wire and the winding pitch as the rarest late Pre-T era patent# pickups.

In a word, Incredible! The tonal pay-off of this combination is humbucker pickups that are at once articulate and treble detailed while being lush in the low end. Combined that with an attack that can go from sweet and spanky to mean and juicy, simply by changing pick dynamics, and you have an amazingly versatile set of humbucker pickups. Think of the best mid to late 60's ES-335 and SG tones... this is the tonally territory that opens up to the player with the ThroBak Pre-T-301 MXV set.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

DT-102 MXV: Neck 7.7K(Long A2 - Bridge 7.9K/Long A5

Classic low output PAF humbucker pickup clones with great double tones and chimey middle position.

This set is a direct clone of a personal favorite pair of vintage 50's P.A.F.'s I own. Magnets, coil offsets, winding pattern and even magnet wire micrometer measurements were taken from each pickup and to be recreated exclusively for the DT-102 ThroBak MXV Patent Applied For humbucker. These pickups are particularly rich in double tones imparted by the ThroBak vintage Leesona 102 coil winder that winds each coil. Closely matched neck and bridge pickups give a particularly sweet middle switch position tone. A2 neck and unoriented A5 bridge magnets add to the versatility of these pickups. The sweet cleans and biting bridge lead tones offer a wide tonal palette from which to choose.Specifications include correct vintage reproduction plain enamel magnet wire, Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplate.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

ESG-102B: Neck 7,5K/Short A2 - Bridge 7,4K/Short A5

Low output, late PAF, early Pat# pickups

The ThroBak ESG-102B, PAF humbucker clones are copies of late PAF and early PAF spec. Pat.# pickups of the early 60's. Copied directly from a '64 SG the ESG-102B PAF humbuckers have the same average 7.5k resistance and short A5 bridge, short A2 neck magnet combination typical of PAF pickups of this era. Wound on our vintage Leesona 102B for the ultimate in vintage winding accuracy, these PAF clones have the same snarl and bite in the bridge and acoustic depth in the neck of the original PAF pickups installed in vintage ES-335 and SG guitars of this era. If you want the period correct pickups for your early '60's ES or SG style guitars the the ESG-102B Pickups are it!

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

DS-55-Custom: Neck 7,3K/Long A3 - Bridge 7,9K/Long A4

Classic PAF but with an added depth and fundamental clarity that one usually associates with a single coil pickup

The ThroBak DS-55 P.A.F. humbuckers brings to life the original Patent application P.A.F. humbucker as envisioned in the patent application documents and prototypes from 1955. Although the PAF pickup as we know it today has adjustable pole screws, the original design and original prototype PAF's had no adjustable pole screws. With the ThroBak DS-55 double slug bobbin, Patent Prototype pickups you can now discover the tones that inspired Ted McCarty to green light the PAF humbucker!

We wanted to know too. What tones set in motion a new guitar sound for a generation? How do they differ from the classic PAF pickup tones we all know? Well we found out and we are thrilled with the results! The ThroBak DS-55 has the familiar response and dynamics of a classic PAF humbucker but with an added depth and fundamental clarity that one usually associates with a single coil pickup. Notes ring and pop like a great single coil but with the added balance and punch of a classic PAF pickup. The total tonal package of the DS-55 make it a welcome addition to the tonal tool kit of any guitar player. We feel that the DS-55 is the golden link in the chain that historically connects single coil and humbucker designs together.

Buffed Brsuh Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

KZ-115: Neck 8.1K/Long A2 - Bridge 8.5K/Long A2

Low output PAF humbucker clones from the dawn of the PAF era

ThroBak KZ-115 PAF humbucker reproductions represent the tonal dawn of the PAF pickups era with an accuracy that can only be matched if you took a time machine back to the Gibson Kalamazoo factory in 1957. Wound on the very KZ/LP-115 winding machine Gibson used for both PAF humbuckers and P90 pickups in 1957 and rescued from Kalamazoo by none other than Les Paul himself before Gibson's move to Nashville. ThroBak KZ-115 PAF pickups awaken the elusive early PAF pickup dynamics and low end depth of the originals. The KZ-115 owes its distinct tone to the custom Gibson Kalamazoo winding fixtures, wire guides and set-up of the original vintage winder. The original, non adjustable, 1950's lobeless cam traverse and limiting fixtures, wind what we call the KZ-115 vintage center focused coil. These center focused coils create a fuller bobbin for the same number of turns than coils wound on the other known PAF winders, the Leesona 102, Slug 101 and ME-301. The result is a PAF pickup reproduction with added scatter for a woolly low end and crispy/crunchy mids. ThroBak KZ-115 proves again that the machines matter when it comes to vintage PAF accuracy!

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

Mid Output PAF Pickups:

SLE-101 MXV: Neck 7.6K/Long A2 - Bridge 8.1K/Long A2

Classic long A2 vintage PAF humbucker tone with sweet highs, warm lows, scooped mids and great clarity.

The flagship pickup that put ThroBak P.A.F. hum bucker reproduction pickups on the map. If you want the best of classic A2 50's vintage PAF pickup tone this set delivers but without the low end mud often associated with modern Alnico 2 humbucker pickups. PE magnet wire is wound on the slug coils with the original Gibson Slug 101 winder and screw coils wound on the Leesona 102. The result is a complex tone with articulate clarity of the best PAF pickups of the 50's . A2 vintage clone sand cast magnets, custom milled Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplate complete the picture making these the best humbucker pickups with vintage specs. in their class. Step back in time and get the vintage PAF pickups you always wanted today.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

SLE-101 Plus MXV: Neck 7.8K/Long A5 - Bridge 8.4K/Long A5

Vintage PAF pickup tone with great mid projection and neck pickup clarity. Very balanced string to string

The SLE-101 Plus Limited has the same winder configuration as the SLE-101 Limited but with ThroBak custom cast unoriented A5 magnets and extra winds for more mid dominant power and bite. The unoriented A5 has the crunch of A2 plus the added mid projection of A5. Vintage spec. plain enamel magnet wire, Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplates. These are among the best PAF pickup reproduction with ummatched vintage PAF humbucker pickup accuracy. Vintage wound on the Slug 101 and Leesona 102.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

ER-Custom: Neck 7.9K/Short A5 - Bridge 8.3K/Short A5

Designed for Gibson ES 335 - Fat, punchy, lower mid chunk, blues, classic rock, vintage PAF humbucker pickup tones

The ER-Custom name is a nod to well know Austin Texas luthier and repairman Ed Reynolds and his help with developing this special set of pickups. Ed was on a search for a set of P.A.F. pickups that met the needs of one of his well known clients. The result of this collaboration with Ed is a full sounding, punchy, mid dominant P.A.F. with a pleasing high end. ER-Custom MXV pickups sound great in solid body LP style and semi-hollow ES-335 style guitars. The ER-Custom MXV set is a popular upgrade option for Collings I-35 electric guitar and was also installed in the very first Bartlett Retrospec guitar owned by Joe Bonamassa. Specs. include short oriented A5 magnets cast in Indiana to vintage specs. Also wound on the ThroBak vintage 1948 Leesona-102 to complete the Maximum Vintage specs

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

MT-102B Custom MXV: Neck 8.3K/Short A2 - Bridge 8.0K/Short A2

Taylor/Richards Burst Iconic short A2, vintage PAF humbucker tones

The original pickups in the Taylor/Richards Burst are in fact short magnet P.A.F.'s. Short magnets in a P.A.F. are not typical but not unheard of. And a few years ago I sent a short P.A.F. magnet from one of my personal P.A.F.'s to T&S in Indiana to be cloned. They sliced it in half, did an x-ray spectrograph to nail the metal mix and made me a custom heat of this very unique vintage short A2 variety. Those short A2 clone magnets have been waiting on the shelf for a special project and now they debut in the MT-102B Custom MXV set! Based upon gauss readings and the tone of the Taylor Burst, this vintage beauty very likely has short A2 magnets. The MT-102B Custom set is the result of many test pickups, precisely calibrated Throbak exclusive magnets and specially selected magnet wire, and to top it off, wound on Throbak's time machine 1957 Leesona-102B.

If you like fat, singing neck slide tones. If you like bridge tones that go from sweet to raunchy with picking dynamics, you will love this higher ohm neck, slightly lower ohm bridge combination of the MT-102B set. They cost a little, more because frankly it takes a bit more time for me to make them, but there has been no other pickups like the MT-102B Custom set made for the past 50 years. The Taylor/Richards Burst sadly now lives in a glass case, literally a Rock and Roll Museum piece. But the tone lives on with the ThroBak MT-102B Custom MXV set.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

PG-102 MXV: Neck 8.2K/Long A5 - Bridge 8.6K/Long A5

Peter Green PAF humbucker guitar pickup reproductions

Wound with the same output specifications as the vintage Patent Applied For pickups in the original "Greenie" and utilizing oriented vintage spec. A5 degaussed to vintage levels the PG-102 MXV offers the power and focus that was such a integral part of the Peter Green sound. With the neck magnet flipped for middle position out of phase tones, this set when combined with 50's style wiring gives tonal colors that are now legendary. A stunning variety of tones can be had from simple volume, tone and selector switch adjustment. With coils wound on the ThroBak vintage Leesona 102 winder the PG-102 encapsulates the vintage Patent Applied For pickup at its zenith. Specifications include vintage correct reproduction plain enamel magnet wire, Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplate.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

JW-102B Custom: Neck 7,5K(Long A5 - Bridge 8.3K/Long A5

The JW-102B set was developed at the request of a well established Burst conversion specialist to capture the vintage tone and dynamics of a vintage long A5 PAF humbucker pickup set of a specific resistance. The JW-102B Custom MXV set was developed around a Indiana made long unoriented A5 neck magnet and a long oriented bridge magnet. The unoriented A5 neck magnet gives a clear balanced tone with a touch of treble crunch that works great with this neck pickup. The oriented A5 in the bridge makes for a full, focused, punchy bridge tone without the harsh highs of many modern overseas oriented A5 magnets. ThroBak oriented A5 is a vintage A5 mix that charges lower than most modern A5 mixes, assuring a true vintage Alnico 5 tone, no harsh treble. Wound on the time capsule ThroBak 1957 Leesona-102B for the ultimate in vintage PAF humbucker pickup accuracy.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

EdA-Custom MXV: Neck 8.1K /Long A2 - Bridge 8.5K/Long A2

Made for Ed Amantia to get the Jimmy Page tone

The EdA-Custom set is popular among Pros like Carrie Underwood's Guitar player, Jimmy Herman, who are looking for a higher output long A2 magnet PAF humbucker repros. But the first set EdA-Custom PAF pickup repros were made at the request of well known online Les Paul enthusiast Ed Amantia. Ed is a guy that knows tone and has the chops to put that knowledge to use. So when Ed told me what he wanted I listened! Ed is a huge Jimmy Page fan and he certainly is able to get those tones and more from the EdA-Custom set in the clip here. If you are after the tone and feel of long A2 vintage PAF humbucker tones but want the push of a higher resistance set then you will love the EdA-Custom MXV set. Wound on the ThroBak Leesona-102 machine for the ultimate in vintage PAF humbucker accuracy.

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

High Output PAF Pickups:

DW-102B Custom (Dick Wagner): Neck 8.3K/Long A5 - Bridge 9,2K/Short A5

The Dick Wagner Custom Set pairs a 9.2k , short A5 bridge pickup with a 8.3k, long unoriented A5 (Indiana made), neck pickup. This combination delivers a powerful bridge tone, with the girth and punch that a hot P.A.F. is known for. The perfectly balanced 8.3k neck P.A.F. repro assures clarity, bloom and ample power for neck position soloing. The DW-102B set is wound on the ThroBak vintage 1957 Leesona-102B to complete the Maximum Vintage specs. of this amazing set. Made in USA.

Known to fans and friends as “The Maestro of Rock,” DICK WAGNER’S songs and lead guitar have been featured on more than 350 renowned albums, garnering more than 35 Platinum and Gold records, BMI songwriter awards and numerous prestigious international awards. The Detroit area native helped define an era in rock history by playing lead guitar and writing songs for Alice Cooper, KISS, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, The Frost, Peter Gabriel, Meat Loaf, Guns N’ Roses, Ringo Starr, Ursa Major, Tina Turner, Air Supply, Hall & Oates, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Burton Cummings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lita Ford, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, and many more!

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!

MC-102B Custom: Neck 7,6K/Long A4 - Bridge 9,1K//Long A4

Fat, mud free bridge pickup with lots of output paired with a clear, articulate neck pickup

I frequently get requests for a low resistance neck, higher resistance bridge vintage spec. PAF pickup set. So when one day a customer requested a set PAF humbucker repro set with just this combo using numbers from a famous Burst I got to work. The result is the MC-102B Custom set. The overall combination of magnets, wind and output strength makes for a flexible set with a fat, mud free bridge pickup with lots of output with the volume pot dialed full and lots of room to roll back. Paired with a clear, articulate neck pickup you have a very flexible set that will rock as hard as you want in the bridge position. Pro player Justin Derrico, guitar player for Pink and TV show The Voice, loves the flexibility of this combination. Wound on the ThroBak 1957 Leesona-102B winding machine and loaded with Illinois made vintage spec A4 magnets, the MC-102B Custom set is 100% ThroBak Maximum Vintage PAF humbucker reproduction

Aged Nickel Set: 599,- Euro in stock!