Steel String Sultan



Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:





Effect Loop:





230V 50Hz



4x 1ECC83JJ, 1xECC81JJ

Solid State


Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, High & Low Filter, Reverb Send & Return, Master, Presence, Bright, Deep & Rock/Jazz Switches

Send & Return, 4, 8, 16 Speaker Out, Half Power Switch, Power, StandBy


3-spring tube driven




4.990,- Euro in stock!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

More Aggressive Clean Sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This amp would have to write books, so versatile it can be used. With its two 6-stage Rotary filters for Treble & Bass, as well as the 3 extremely engaging tone controls and the three mini-toggle switches, there are endless sound variations that are really easy and effective to use. Everything decides for the amp, however, that he is also very quietly playable through his master volume. The reverb is typical Dumble - simply unique deep and warm and never obtrusive, but always defined and transparent. Its strength is clearly the incomprehensibly defined Dumble Clean Ton, which with its sensational dynamics everything is in the shade. What is crucial, however, is that after the attack, the tone is held and the "singing" begins immediately. Just typical Dumble. What impressed me most, however, is the Dumble-typical Overdrive tone, which has incredibly creamy and elegant a very dense tone, but remains absolutely defined without ever smearing the sound. To do this, you use not only the gain but also the Treble-Tone Control. Classic Rock Crunchy Rhythm Licks are authentic at any time, with the solo and the ever-singing Dumble-Overdrive unbeatable. The amp can not but the often-searched Dumble-Overdrive lead sound.

The 2x12 "Dumble-Style Cabinet is a" must "for this amp with Celestion G12-65, the EV12 Classic or a Scumback H75 / 65LD Speaker.

The Steel String Sultan is a lower wattage (and physically smaller) version of our Steel String Singer. The preamp is exactly the same, but we took out the FET and the footswitch options to pack this powerhouse into a 19 chassis! This is a very strong, punchy amp, that is crisp and clean, just like it’s bigger 150w version. The 6L6 power section gives a bit of a more ‘guitar amp’ feel, while still capturing some of the hi-fi qualities of the big SSS. King Zapata of the Gary Clark Jr band plays one of our 6550 75w Sultans, and has taken on world tour.

The power section of the Steel String Sultan has the cathode follower that really kicks your clean tones up a notch! When compared to the Wonderland, the Sultan (and most SSS) will be crisper, cleaner, and less forgiving. The SSS in nature is a great blues amp (think SRV), but works very well for pedals, and fusion/rock sounds as well.