Order Process!

ProGuitar is a music store and NOT an Online-Store!

You’re welcome to order by email and we ship to your own risk in original cartons!

We ship by the safest possible way by DHL Express ONLY!

• All shipments have a transport insurance by DHL Express up to 500,- Euros.

If you want increase the amount please let us know.

•The order processing is very simple:

Send us an e-mail INCLUDE your complete address w/phone #!

If you are located outside the European Union, I will put away the 19% German VAT!

If you’re located inside the European Union you can let me know your European VAT-ID and I‘ll check online for you if I could proceed your order without 19% local VAT!

All non-commercial customers within the EU will receive an invoice from ProGuitar from April 1st, 2023 with the VAT rates that are customary in the European country of the customer. Since Germany has one of the lowest tax rates, our non-commercial customers can experience a price increase of up to 6%. So in order to publish an actual selling price for our European customers on our web site, we would have to use net prices. Which in turn would be a contradiction for German commercial law. Thank you dear EU for further hurdles that we somehow have to overcome.

I accept only wire transfers and NO credit cards!

Why? We are small store and we lost too much money with stolen Credit Cards in the past!

Wire transfers have now the same speed like PayPal and hits my account in a minute - so you don’t loose time.

Normally you get your payment instructions in 24h with the total amount to pay:

Wire instructions:

National customers:

IBAN: DE56 7606 9564 0000 311480

International customers:

Swift Code (BIC): Genodef1bto
IBAN: DE56 7606 9564 0000 311480

To be on safe side you can check my bank!

account holder: ProGuitar
name of bank: Raiffeisenbank Burgthann
street of bank: Rathausplatz 2
ZIP of bank: 90559
city of bank: Burgthann
bank phone#: +49 9183 930115
bank e-mail: rb-burthann@vr-web.de

Note: all costs of wire transfers MUST payed by your side!!!

After I received money, I‘ll be able to ship at same day via DPD Express service!

We offer 1 year guarantee and 1 year warranty!

Let's be honest: sending heavy amplifiers through the country is not beneficial for the life of tubes. Unfortunately, we can not pay our margins for the cost of defective order noisy tubes, which are caused by the transport. But we’re give our best by phone or email to fix all this little problems in a day.

Return Policy:

Nothing would be more important for us to have our amp tested in their usual environment without having to take the risk of having to keep the amp final if it does not like it.

However, experience has taught us something different. ProGuitar customers want to buy new and unplayed amps to be sure that the hand-wired amps in one-off production also have the quality as offered by the manufacturer. It is easy to exchange the expensive and hand-selected tubes in cheap ones. Or even exchange the paper transformers into Chinese. Even if only the case is damaged, replacement usually has to be ordered from the USA! Often the costs are in no relation. For this we guarantee absolutely new and genuine Boutique products that are guaranteed to reproduce the sound of the manufacturer.

Thats why ProGuitar is NOT offering a return or a money back policy but we try to make you happy and we’ll find solutions.

Alle Produkte werden in Handarbeit und in Einzelanfertigungen hergestellt, deshalb sind Irrtümer und Änderung immer gegeben! Abbildungen sind ähnlich!