HyperFlex Speaker Cable:

Over decades the cable with the fastest attack and the best dynamic available!


Standard= 2x straight plugs

QA= 1x right angled plug & 1x straight

You cannot choose the color - too many different available - we ship what’s in stock!

SC2QA (61cm):

SC2 (61cm):

SC3QA (91cm):

SC3 (91cm):

SC6QA (1,8m):

SC6 (1,8m):

SC10QA (3m):

SC10 (3m):

SC20QA (6,1m):

SC20 (6,1m):

SC30QA (9,1m):

SC30 (9,1m):


42,- Euros on order!

40,- Euros on order!

45,- Euros on order!

43,- Euros on order!

50,- Euros in stock!

48,- Euros in stock!

60,- Euros in stock!

58,- Euros in stock!

72,- Eurosin stock!

70,- Euros in stock!

82,- Euros on order!

80,- Euros in stock!

89,- Euros in stock!


1x Straight Plug + 1x Angled Plug


2x Straight Plugs