Tele Parts:

Vintage Tele Bridge w/Brass Slant Compensated Brass Saddles:

It will increase sustain, volume, and eliminate unwanted feedback problems associated with the standard vintage Fender bridge. Most bridges are made from .045 - .050 inch thick 1010 steel that is soft and easy to form into the "tray shape". Those bridges have poor sustain and tend to cause feedback problems. Some use brass castings for their saddles.

Our bridge is made from .075 inch thick 1018 specially treated steel. This gives the plate an 80% increase in rigidity and dramatically improves sustain, volume, and note separation. It eliminates unwanted feedback. There is a noticeable increase in bass response and a taming of harsh high end. The first 3/4 inch of the front lip is removed to allow for best right hand picking. Coupled with our machined compensated saddles makes this bridge the best available for any vintage styled Tele.

Satin Finish: 179,- Euros in stock!

Satin Finish Lefty: 189,- Euros in stock!

Distressed: 209,- Euros in stock!

Distressed Lefty: 239,- Euros in stock!

Vintage Tele Bridge w/Brass Enhanced Compensated Saddles:

Satin Finish: 179,- Euros in stock!

Satin Finish Lefty: 189,- Eurosin stock!

Distressed: 209,- Euros in stock!

Distressed Lefty: 239,- Euros in stock!

3x Brass Tele Saddles Slant:

You can now get an even string spacing without interference. Our saddles are highly polished to eliminate any burrs or knicks. Includes allen wrench.

49,- Euros in stock

3x Brass Tele Saddles Enhanced Compensated:

The Enhanced Vintage saddles to me is our best design. It maintains the vintage look while eliminating the problem of the string moving on the saddle and altering string spacing. If you are using string benders, it is the saddle I would suggest and I would recommend the stainless steel saddle. Just like our original saddle it will give perfect intonation.

All our saddles are hand polished and buffed to insure they are free of burrs that can cut strings.

49,- Euros in stock!

3x Stainless Steel Tele Saddles Slant:

Our stainless steel saddles are just like our brass saddles but in 416 stainless steel for those who want a brighter punchier sound.

59,- Euros in stock!

2x Tele Knobs:

These are a heavy knurl patterned after early Broadcaster knobs and their design is a direct influence from Danny Gatton. Doing volume and tone swells is far easier than with any other knob, and you still maintain the vintage look. They are drilled for 1/4 solid shaft pots. Slotted screws. Nickel plated.d.

Early 50's Broadcaster Dome Heavy Knurled Knobs 49,- Euros sofort lieferbar!

Late 50's Flat Top Heavy Knurled Knobs 49,- Eurosin stock!

Bakelite Tele Pickguard distressed:

Made from black fiberboard (bakelite). It is lacquered and polished and like the original has the 5" diameter circle on the back.

A Distressed version is also available that is a matte to semi gloss finish with wear marks. I would describe it as a very accurate representation of a played guitar subjected to normal wear and tear of 40 years.

95,- Euros in stock!