4x10“ Backline Cabinet

Our ‘Backline’ 4×10 convertible cab utilizes the classic floating baffle design found on the great 4×10 amps of the 1950’s. The entire front of the cabinet comes alive to deliver an outstanding wall of sound.The ‘Backline’ 4×10 is like getting 2 speaker cabs for the price of one. We offer a removable rear panel which enables closed-back or open-back operation. This cab comes loaded with our proprietary Z 10” speakers (other speakers available on request, see your dealer). Big sound awaits and this cab can handle any head you put on it.





4x10“ 280Watt

Z-Speakers made by Eminince

black 664,- (Net) / 790,- Euros (19%) in stock!

60x60x25cm 4x10“