BrownBox 2

By AmprX





120V turn down to 80V

5 Amps at 120VAC 50 Hz or 60 HZ, up to 540 Watts



The BrownBox 2 doesn’t change 230V into 120V!!!

412,- (Net) / 499,- Euros (19%) on order!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

The original BrownBox is built for 120V for using it in the US or other countries with 120V and NOT for Europe!

Use the  BrownBox 2 ONLY in 230V countries (Europe) AND with 110/120V Amps AFTER a 230V Step Down Transformer wich generate 110/120 Volts!

The Difference to the BrownBox 1: Not all step down transformers are frequency compensating - that means that what you’re probably getting is 120V / 50Hz. That will fry an Original BrownBox - which is only meant for 120V / 60Hz. To safely use a BrownBox with a step-down transformer, you’ll need a BrownBox 2.

The reason for buying a BrownBox 2 is simply that in Europe we can use the BrownBox 2 to make precise voltage settings with 110/120V amps. Otherwise, a BrownBox 200 would also serve its purpose. But since we judge more by the sound, the exact voltage setting may not be so important for 110/120 volt amps. What speaks in favor of the BrownBox 2 is the exact representation of the voltage coming from the wall in order to always set the same sweet spot. With the BrownBox 200 you can try out a little bit with a step down transformer. But it is up to each individual how they want to operate their old or new 110/120V amps in Europe.

Think: 230V out of the wall -> 230V Step-Down Transformer into 120V  -> BrownBox 2 -> 110/120V Amp!

The BrownBox 2 has the same specs as the BrownBox 200!