By BrownBox





Cables included


EuroVolt Plus:

220/230/240V turn down to 180V

450Watt/50Hz enough for more than10x 100Watt amps



1x Head connector

1x Combo connector (see pics below)

No power cable included because your amp has one

Great using it with a 110V step down transformer in front.

The EuroVolt doesn’t change 230V into 120V!!!

336,- (Net) / 399,- Euros (19%) in stock! 

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

EuroVolt Manual.pdf


BrownBox is built for 120V (not for Europe)

The new EuroVolt has a installed line filter which clearly harmonizes the guitar tone!

The EuroVolt provides professional power consistency control wherever there is 230 volt mains power - works great for every new and old amplifiers!

No matter where you are around the world, there are different mains voltages everywhere. You wish to have 230 Volts but just get 238 Volts out of the plug then the amp sounds colder and stiffer. On the other hand at 220 volts it's getting fatter and softer. With the EuroVolt you can immediately see what actual mains voltage you just get out of the socket and can regulate this down. Upwards doesn‘t work. What is not there, can not be generated. Experience: Plexi sounds best in Europe at under 200 V and a blackface round 210 volts. But these are only rough estimates and vary significantly under the amps.

The EuroVolt 2020 does have a Net-Filter installed which harmonize the overall tone and eliminates noise!

Music legends and studio pros agree: BrownBox is the #1 sound investment! "DRAW THE LINE AT PERFECTION"

Professional recording studios, techs and musicians know that proper supply voltage is essential for optimal Tube amplifier performance. You too can NOW Capture that elusive, classic warm vintage tone with EuroVolt from BrownBox.

The basis for any signature world-class tone of course begins with talent but it also requires a consistent and dependable signal chain and for that you need to know where to begin. BrownBox provides that consistent basis,Guaranteed. Over and over BrownBox user's testify as to how their amps tone, touch and feel have finally come together providing them with improved harmonics and dynamic amp performance. Take control of your signal chain and begin building a signature world-class tone all your own. Classic Tube Amp tone begins with EuroVolt BrownBox.