It's been 12 years since I was officially a Gibson dealer. The business policy and the quality no longer corresponded to my philosophy. The Gibson bankruptcy has now made a fresh start with the 60th Anniversary '59 and I have to say - unbelievably good. But why? I had a very interesting conversation with Ben Dunnett of Gibson England last Saturday at the Guitar Summit who told me a lot of inside information. Unfortunately, the 60th 59 is currently Gibson's only guitar on offer, which has the "new" quality. Here are the differences: for the first time pure nitro cellulose lacquer without plasticizer is used. First, the tops are glued together again (as formerly) with Hide Glue, which brings an incredible amount of attack and heights in the sound. Even the fingerboard gets glued with hide glue, which significantly reduces the tonal difference to the then used and banned in Europe Brazilian Rosewood. I like the now offered legal Bolivian Rosewood more than the Indian, because it has the top end trebles, as well as the look of Brazilian. As a template for the 60th Anniversary '59 served the # 1 burst of Jimmy Page. This guitar was analyzed by Gibson Laser Scanned, all materials like e.g. the pickup rings, aged cellulose nitrate trapezoid etc! The biggest changes took place in the electronic: the 59 Replica Unbalanced & Unpotted Custombucker Alnico III is definitely the best I've heard from Gibson in the last 30 years and makes swapping the pickups superfluous for the first time. These pickups are NOT available to buy individually and are only available in very special custom shop guitars. The reason for this outstanding tone is the unbalanced wiring e.g. one coil has 4.5kOhm and the other only 4k. Of course, this has the disadvantage that the humbuckers hum a little more, but thereby also much more trebles are gained. Also, these pickups are no longer waxed, which also brings nice top end trebles.... without feedbacks! One of the most gratifying changes are the new CTS pots, which finally have the right Audi Taper and therefore do not loose trebles when roll down the pots Vol AND Tone!!! Also, you will not find any bumble bee fakes in these guitars anymore (Ben also confirmed the fake). Here are again real Foil In Oil Bumble Bee copies of Lux are used, which soften the sound nice, but without losing trebles. Only a true aging is not available thru Gibson ... not yet. The famous lacquer cracks are still produced with razor blades and not by heat, cold and UV light, which causes the cracks to develop when the lacquer cures. Gibson is currently in the process of creating a new department for it. Same with Tom Murphy. All in all the best new Gibson for decades. Unfortunately, the 60th '59 is the only available guitar with this outstanding quality.