49 Prototype Style  #1818





Neck Shape:











Nov 2019

Very light weight 4 piece sandwich hollow 100+ old Oregon Pine

1piece (Nitro) No finish

None - 9,5“

Soft V profile Depth: 0.87“/0.99“ (1/12fret)Width: 1.66“/2,02“ (1/12 fret)


Cut style bridge

Vintage Kluson

Cream aged

Nacho Neck: 7,81k

Nacho Bridge 8,78k

Volume, Tone

Blond (Thin Well-Worn 10x Lacquer)

Round Core Pure Nickel w/silk wound ball ends

Rectangular Tweed mid 50‘s style Hardshell


6.190,- Euros in stock!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

Blackguard Nachostraps included: the new 1950 style aged leather straps from Nachoguitars. This will make you sound great and play better folks, yes, and you will look like JImmy Bryant did in 1950

Prototype style sandwich hollow body.

There are no date marks on body/neck

Cut style bridge with brass saddles,serial number #1818 stamped on neck plate.

AgedBlondenitro lacquer finish on ash body with plenty of weather checking. The finish on this guitar has been cured and aged for months.

Necks shows lacquer wear on fingerboard and back. The neck wear is inspired in the pattern of the original prototype guitar from 1949.

Kluson style Steel tuners. Aged hardware, std control plate and early 50s golden era P90 pickup.

Bridge pickup reads 8,78k ohms.

Body is made of very lightweight swamp ash, cut in 4 pieces and assembled sandwich style. There are internal chambers carved just like in the original guitar from 1949.

The ash hollow body in combination with the P90 pickups give this guitar a very unique response and character.

Electronic configuration includes the standard post-67 scheme, with neck pu alone at front, both pickups in paralell in the middle position and bridge pickup alone at back, incorporating tone control in all three positions.

The guitar comes with a cream plastic pickguard has been aged and cut to 1949 specs.

It comes with a rectangular tweed mid 50s style hard case (not aged).