49 Prototype II #0009





Neck Shape:











Pre-owned (Mint condition):

Sept 2018

Very light weight 4 piece sandwich hollow 100+ old Oregon Pine

1piece (Nitro) No finish

None - 9,5“

Medium D profile Depth: 0.84“/1“ (1/12fret)

Width: 1.66“/2,02“ (1/12 fret)

Vintage 80/34

Cut style bridge

Vintage Kluson

Black Phenolic Resin aged

Nacho Bridge 6,29k

Volume, Tone

Lacquered White, Then Red, Stripped, than clear, cured, dried for month

Round Core Pure Nickel w/silk wound ball ends

Rectangular Tweed mid 50‘s style Hardshell, Picture CD, Certification


5.990,- Euros in stock!

German Review!

1. Early style lap steel tuners with plastic buttons with side anchoring hole, cut in 6 independent unitsjust like Leo did with thefirst two guitars.

2. Exact WILD replica of the original prototype bridge pickup. We analyzed the original and made a perfect reproduction with redforbon, no elevator plate, an extra leadfor ground and early lap steel magnets and coil. The pickup has the same exact reading as the original.

3. Blank proto style bridge plates with angled steel saddles just like the original.

4. Original one-offguard. We scanned the original guard, made a CNCprogram to cut correct vintage composition phenolicfiber, lacquered and aged in the same exactfashion. Please note proto I has a different guard so we can assume both guards were made by hand as one-offs.

5. Unique Pine sandwich hollow body outline. We X-rayed the original body, searchedfor similar grained Oregon pine and replicated a CNCprogram to cut a sandwich body leaving the same inner chambers, and outline imperfections.

6. Originalfinish: I lacquered the body in white, then in red lacquer, then stripped it and clear lacquered like the original guitar. We left traces of white and redjust in the same spots where the original has them.

7. Control plate: I made steel replicas of the original long lostfootball shaped control plate whose outline is imprinted in the original body (before it was replace by a Pbass. We used those to mask the body so to leave the white paint under that original control plate in the same

fashion found in the original guitar.

8. Original truss rod neck: We took dimensionsfret byfret of the original neck and made exact neck replicas with some string tree style, fretwire, back profile etc.

We also used the original neck as a template to replicate the wear spots and pattern in fingerboard/back.

The result is an amazing resonating featherweight tone monster combo of pine/maple and hardware. This guitar is a clear detourfrom what came later in 1950 with the solidbody Esquires and Broadcasters in the Fall. It is halfway btw a lapsteel and a Spanish guitar, with a hollow body and very lap steel like voice.


Nachoguitar Pine Body Prototype II Replica

V profile neck with 9.5" and vintage style frets.

Nice full feeling D profile 9.5" fretboard radius neck with medium size frets and rolled for smooth action.

Neck depth lst/12th fret is 0.8471.00". Width is 1.6672.02".

Super Light weight example at 4 pounds 12 oz.

Bridge pickup measures 6.29K ohm

The guitar comes with a rectangular tweed mid 50s style hard case (not aged).