Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:





Effect Loop:






230V 50Hz

50/100W switchable (switch located between pre- power tubes)


2x 12AX7WA JAN NOS 1x7052WA

Solid State


FET Boost volume, Volume, 3-way Bright Switch, Mid Boost, Rock/Jazz switch, Treble/Middle/Bass, Gain Channel Drive and Volume, Master Volume, Presence

Send & Return, 4 Ohm Speaker Out,Ext. Speaker Out, Power, StandBy, Foot switchable channel switching, Foot switchable EQ Cut, Foot switchable FET boost (variable)

Dumbulator: Tube Driven effects loop with send and return controls built right into the amp (no more external loops)


blond w/VOX grill



2.990,- Euros in stock!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

Lance wrote:

I had heard a 70's Dumble some years ago and had been haunted by that sound. Not one other company could build an amp for me that sounded like that amp until Lee Jackson accomplished it..

The P51 is a PCB made amp because were were able to lower the noise floor a lot and add the internal Dumbulator but not doing point to point

A vertical 2-12 with an oval sound hole that sounds great,  preferably wired at 4ohms.

I love the Celestion Alnico Cream speakers but the amp also sounds great with EV's too.It breaks up a letter better to my ears with the Celestions but is a bit tighter with the EVs!

The amplifier features a 4 6L6 power section for incredible headroom, however the re-engineered master volume allows World class tone at bedroom levels.

The tube driven effects loop is built into the amplifer with both send and control returns.  There is no more need to purchase an external tube driven loop as its built right in.

There is a three-button footswitch that allows for the switching of our 3 favorite functions.

Channel, EQ defeat, and FET boost.

Speaking of the FET boost, it is not only foot-switchable but also completely variable as there is a dedicated knob for variable level of the boost on the front panel.

The SMART BELLE P51 is our first offering and you will find that there is nearly zero noise floor even at the highest gain settings.  

For stage, or studio use, the SMART BELLE will deliver tones that will inspire.