50 style tribute guitars from Nacho:

look, feel and tone of the early solidbody electric guitars

Nacho Banos wrote: We are passional about vintage guitars. We love the way they look, feel and sound. We work hard to achieve these qualities on newly built instruments.

We apply old school techniques to make every guitar feel like an old friend, different and unique.

Our finishing and aging processes are meant to make a guitar feel like a vintage workhorse that’s been played every day for over 60 years.

All materials are selected according to vintage specs and they are meticulously treated to replicate the passing of time.

They say God lives in the details.

We believe it only takes a few details to set apart an outstanding instrument from a correct one, and we strive to get those details right.

Many of you think for sure, what does Ron want with expensive fender copies that do not even have a decal on the headstock? Here are some brief information: Nacho Banos (Valencia) has lived in the USA and thus also discovered his love for old Fender guitars from the 50's. He owns today by far the largest collection of original old Fender guitars! Nacho does not collect any "old" guitars, it is only those who have written music history. He also knows almost all of our heroes personally and gets a lot of feedback about quality, sound and feel. He has a very close friendship with Billy Gibbons, which has led to Nacho writing the book "The Blackguard" so brilliantly with Billy's help (now considered the "bible" for tele-players). The book has been sold out for a long time and is now only supplied as a copy with his own tele ... Nacho has built schools and houses in India with the money he earned with this book!

There will be a new book "The Pinecaster" about everything that Leo Fender built before 1950. By the way, Nacho owns the exclusive rights to everything Leo did before 1950 !!! The new book will also contain links to youtube so you can watch and hear the amps and guitars live there. 

This background predestines Nacho to build guitars at the highest possible level. Even the smallest detail is copied from his originals. Each pickup is designed specifically for one instrument only by himself. Even the weight is predetermined on the gram before. He makes his own bridges and even the pots are made to original specs. Most importantly, all guitars are 10x nitro-lacquered, just as Leo did in the 50's (these partly handwritten specs by Leo are included in a copy).

Why is not a decal on the headstock? Nacho says: "These are EXACT copies of my old ones, so there is no Nacho logo on it. Of course this gives room for speculation ...! But Nacho prevents that by putting a CD with about 100 pictures on each guitar, where each stage of construction is precisely documented and it is impossible for the owner to sell them as a "real old one.“! Nacho is an absolute perfectionist and is therefore considered one of the best in his profession worldwide.

When Nacho and I met for the first time in Moreira (May 2016), we were both very skeptical. After half an hour, the ice was broken. He appreciated my many years of experience and attention to detail and I was completely surprised how close his "new" guitars stood up to the many original "old" ones!

It is still his closely guarded secret (similar to Dumble) how he manages to bring his guitars so close to the original. X-rays, UV light, heat and cold, etc. - the effort is insane.

There are about three times a year a "New Batch" of about 20 guitars, which he sells exclusively through his web site. In the meantime, I can even choose a few "hot ones“ before each new delivery and offer them for sale.