Mexican Strat Parts:

Mexican Strat Tremolo

Bill changed the Mexican Standard Blocks 2017 to an angled arm hole so that they can use the same arm bend as the Vintage and American Standard

• Callaham Vintage repro block 2006 enhanced with 3 stainless steel top plate screws

• Callaham "64" Virtual Pop-in stainless steel tremolo arm with tip is stock.- 2 length arms can be substituted at no additional cost but you must specify at time of order. (Please specify mint green or parchment white tip otherwise parchment white will be sent.)

• Callaham precision machined top plate

• Callaham 6 Vintage stamped steel "CG" saddles w/vintage (2 1/16 mounting spacing and 2 1/16 string spacing) with stainless steel screws and springs

• 6 hardened pivot mounting screws

• 5 tremolo springs

• Claw with 2 stainless steel screws

allen wrench Nickel


Nickel High Gloss: 209,- Euros in stock!

Steel Block: 79,- Euros in stock!

Vintage Styled "CG" Saddles for Mexican and Amercian Std. 2008 or later Bridges

The same saddles and hardware we use on our V/N and Mexican bridge assemblies. In order to meet the demand for a quality saddle for the 2 1/16" Mexican Standard guitars, we offer narrower vintage styled stamped steel saddles for Mexican Standard guitars. These saddles are far superior to the Fender production saddle in every aspect. They have English 4-40 stainless steel height adjustment and intonation screws and springs. The height screws are much shorter than the factory metric screws and because they are English, they are widely available. They are supplied with 5/16" length screws for the E strings and 3/8" length for the rest. These saddles could also be used for 2 1/8" spaced bridges.

59,- Euros in stock!