What good is the best amp if the guitar is good for nothing. Really getting good guitars is not really easy these days. But what is good for one is not enough for the other. That's why we at Fender only buy Custom Shop Team or Master Built guitars. Each guitar is handpicked in USA. And only relic. Why? As we know, painting is one of the secrets of good-sounding guitars. With heat, cold and UV light, the nitro cellulose varnish is cured, resulting in a much better tone. Just like Cryo for metal parts. Of course, even a masterbuilder uses only parts that are used in every custom shop guitar, but he chooses this part to even closer to the character of the guitar. That's why guitars by John Cruz or Dale Wilsdon are sold out as soon as they arrive in stores. We do not have a lot of guitars on offer, but the ones we have are very good and will do justice even to the critically acclaimed vintage collector.