Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:




Effect Loop:








1x12“ Combo:

Speed Pedal:

230V 50Hz

22 Watts

2x 6V6-STR

3x 12AX7JJ, 1x 12AU7, 1x 12DW7JJ, 


1 High & Low

Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Intensity, AM-FM Speed, Vibrato Switch, Line Out, Footswitch Connector, Remote Speaker Out 8 Ohm


Tube driven 4 counterwound springs long pan

True Pitch Shifting Varistor Vibrato switchable to Tremolo

Vintage brown leatherette covering

Combo: 18,2kg  Head: 12,8kg

Head: B57xH30xT25,5   1x12“ Combo: 57x48x25cm

12“ Custom Magnatone

2.390,- Euros in stock!

2.790,- Euros in stock!

incl. 2-button Footswitch & Slip Cover!

190,- Euros in stock!

incl. 19% German VAT w/1year guarantee + 1year warranty

Inspired by the D*mble Ultraphonix and Gain…the new Amplified Nation “Ampliphonix and Gain” adds a unique new offering to our product line. This amp has two independent preamps, a clean and a gain channel, and a shared output section of either 6L6 or EL34 tubes. The tones are absolutely incredible, it can lay down the heaviest saucy gain, or the sweetest cleans with perfect clarity.

The gain side of the amp is very focused, and heavy, hard-rock, late 60’s modded Plexi. It shoots notes into howling controlled feedback with ease. It’s scooped mid tones are reminiscent of EVH and have incredible presence. The low end stays tight even on hard hits of the low E.

The clean channel is very ‘Fender’ and what most people know from the D*mble Ultraphonix amp. Very clean, very swirly, and very clear. It has a bright switch that really accents the EQ nicely.

These D*mble creations are even more rare than the ODS and SSS with only a handful that were made from old Fender amps. Most of those modded amps feature only clean channels on either side of a Bassman, Bandmaster, Showman, or any of the older Fender preamps. The Ultraphonix we got, was a very special one, marked “Ultraphonix and Gain” by the big guy…and he was not messing around with this build!!! The Gain channel is not one that has been heard by many.

We had the pleasure of having that amp for almost a year and really got to know it’s sonic characteristics. It took months to get the amp right, but we were able to clone it to remarkable levels of perfection.

Once we had the circuit figured out, we created our own more modern version that includes a passive loop and reverb on both channels. Instead of completely separate inputs, the channels are selectable by footswitch. You can also kill the reverb with the footswitch if you want to create an exact replica of the Ultraphonix and Gain. This is the best Plexi tones meets the best Fender tones we have ever heard!

The amp comes with a heavy duty AC power cord, two button footswitch (channel and preamp boost) and also a custom locking DIN footswitch cable.

Choice of tolex or suede cabinet is standard.