51 Nocaster LTD

30th Anniversary





Neck Shape:










04/20/19 # R9518

2-piece light weight selected alder 51 Style

1piece (Nitro) No finish on back/med Tint 5/4 QTR Sawn 9,5“ radius


10/56 V - 1st Fret: 950 - 12th Fret: 1000

21x 6105 Sanko

Nocaster 51-54 WO PU Rel

Vintage Nickel Relic

51 Nocaster Relic

HW Tex SPCL Neck & HW Nocaster Bridge

Dual Stack HS (George Blanda) Vol & Tone
faded Nocaster Blond (Relic Nitro Lacquer)

FCS Tweed


3.590,- Euros in stock!

This heavy relic Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster is a Limited Edition that was made for the occasion of the 2019 NAMM.

In fact, it is a remake of a very popular 30th Anniversary model from 2017, that celebrated 30 years of Fender Custom Shop. It was built again in 2019 as one of the Top 20 Guitars. For this series, Fender Custom Shop rebuilt twenty of their most popular Limited Edition models. Because of this, the decal on the headstock says "1987-2017, 30th Anniversary", while the certificate names 26 March 2019 as the dates of production.

The guitar itself is a beautiful and quite traditional 51 Nocaster. It features a 2-piece lightweight ash body, a beefy quartersawn maple neck and handwound pickups. Modern specs are a (slightly flatter than vintage) 9.5" neck radius, whichs makes bending notes easier, and a modern Telecaster wiring with Greasebucket Tone circuit.

The original Fender Nocaster was produced in early to mid-1951. It was called the Nocaster because Fender was forced to take the intended name Broadcaster from the headstock, due to legal issues. The Telecaster name would be introduced shortly afterwards.

All pictures you see on this page are from this exact guitar.